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System Mathematica

Snezhana G. Gocheva-Ilieva

To the reader

CHAPTER 1: Theoretical part

   1.1. Introduction

   1.2. A short characteristic of the Mathematica system

   1.3. Basic Mathematica rules

   1.4. Special symbols and operations in Mathematica

   1.5. Standard mathematical constants and functions

   1.6. Elements of algebra: Transformation of algebraic and logic expressions

   1.7. Elements of calculus: derivatives, integrals, limits, sums, equations

   1.8. Lists, arrays and operations

   1.9. Two-dimentional graphics and sound generation

   1.10. Three-dimentional graphics

   1.11. Standard packages for 2D and 3D graphics  

   1.12. Examples of 2D and 3D graphics

   1.13. 2D  Show[Graphics[ primitive ]]  

   1.14. 3D graphics by the function Show [Graphics3D [ primitive ] ]

   1.15.  Examples of graphics with primitives

CHAPTER 2: Practical lessons by Mathematica

   2.1. Solving equations and systems of equations  

   2.2. Calculus: derivatives, integrals and limits

   2.3. Infinite numeric series and power series expansions

   2.4. Sums and products

   2.5. Functions in Mathematica

   2.6. Lists and transformations of lists

   2.7. Vectors and matrices - basic

   2.8. Matrices

   2.9. Tables, plots, verification of identities

   2.10. Solving ordinary differential equations and systems