Of creative mathematical problems at school

In today's modern dynamic world a special place is reserved for education with an accent being placed on the overall development of the personality and man's most valuable asset - knowledge. Forming skills and abilities to acquire knowledge and for them to be utilized in different situations for intellectual development of particular importance is knowledge of the type "how" - knowledge about algorithms, rules, principles, approaches, hypotheses, which contribute to mastering methods of thinking and acting. This knowledge strengthened the heuristic processes in intellectual activities and form prerequisites for the development of creativity as the supreme form of knowledge which creates something new and original.

For the formation of skills and habits of education and self-education in man, for the constant process of learning throughout life mathematics also makes a contribution. Through mathematical tuition the one being taught acquires the needed intellectual qualities, masters intellectual processes and actions, develops creative thinking. Creative thinking is not limited by patterns it is attained by variation of solutions to problems at hand. A person with creative thinking strives to find ways in solving new problems or to attain new knowledge. As characteristics of creative thinking are given the conscious and unconscious ( intuition, insight ) psychological processes, which are the result of precursory intentional work. Creative mathematical problems are one of the means for developing creative thinking and the formation of different intellectual qualities of personality.

These problems require finding a new way of solving or finding new knowledge.

When solving such problems intellectual qualities such as: sharpness of wit, flexibility, critical disposition, rationality, etc. are formed and manifested; imagination is developed; emotional and volitional aspects of personality as well as positive motivations and needs are touched upon.

For mastering creative activity and creative process different groups of problems are offered, which require finding the idea and the course for their solution.

By Rumiana Mavrova, Plovdiv university, rummav@pu.acad.bg