1. Reflecting property of parabola
  2. Osculating circle of parabola

  1. Parabola-definition
  2. Shape of parabola
  3. Tangent to parabola
  4. Tangent to parabola in vertex
  5. Directrix of parabola
  6. Tangent properties of parabola

  1. Parabola-definition
  2. Parabola in the Euclidean plane
  3. Superposition of line and parabola
  4. Tangent to the parabola
  5. Parabola in the Cartesian plane
  6. Superposition of parabola and line
  7. Superposition of line and parabola - calculations

  1. Example1-Coordinates of vertex and focus
  2. Example2-Equation of parabola
  3. Example3-Coordinates of vertex and focus, equation of directrix, graph of parabola
  4. Example4-Coordinates of intersection points of line and parabola
  5. Example5-Equation of tangent in given point
  6. Example6-Equation of tangent through given point
  7. Example7-Equation of tangent in given direction

  1. Problem1-Coordinates of parabola vertex and focus, equation of directrix
  2. Problem2-Equation of parabola
  3. Problem3-Applied problems
  4. Problem4-Equation of tangent to parabola

  1. Assessment
  2. Answers