1. Reflecting property of ellipse
  2. Elliptical orbits

  1. Point moving on ellipse
  2. Shape of ellipse
  3. Focal angles
  4. Tangent to ellipse
  5. Auxhiliary circle
  6. Control circle
  7. Conjugate diameters

  1. Ellipse-definition
  2. Ellipse in the Euclidean plane
  3. Superposition of line and ellipse
  4. Tangent to the ellipse
  5. Line intersecting the ellipse
  6. Ellipse in the Cartesian plane
  7. Superposition of line and ellipse - calculations
  8. Ellipse in the Affine plane

  1. Example1-Coordinates of vertices and foci
  2. Example2-Equation of ellipse
  3. Example3-Coordinates of vertices and foci, graph of ellipse
  4. Example4-Coordinates of intersection point of line and ellipse
  5. Example5-Equation of tangent in ellipse point
  6. Example6-Equation of tangent in given point
  7. Example7-Equation of tangent through given point
  8. Example8-Equation of tangent in given direction
  9. Example9-Intersection points of line and ellipse in homog. coord.

  1. Problem1-Coordinates of ellipse centre, vertices and foci
  2. Problem2-Equation of ellipse
  3. Problem3-Applied problems
  4. Problem4-Equation of tangent to ellipse

  1. Assessment
  2. Answers