The basic idea of this project is to establish the EUROPEAN VIRTUAL LABORATORY OF MATHEMATICS (EVLM), comprising a network of National Centres of Mathematics located at the partner institutions. The aim of EVLM is to promote better understanding and utilisation of mathematical knowledge in a range of other disciplines that are underpinned by mathematics.
Each National Centre will host a portal (in the respective national language) providing a virtual database of mathematical resources and e-learning materials available from the partner institutions and other sources (such as previously EU funded projects). In addition, the National Centres will offer consultancy services to those wishing to learn about the latest results in mathematics and mathematics teaching.
It is anticipated that EVLM will be used by several different groups:

  1. Learners - at all stages from secondary school to PhD students - resources will be available to help learners understand mathematics better
  2. Teachers - EVLM will not only make available e-learning resources, it will produce guidance on the use of these materials and also on the production of further materials
  3. Researchers and scientists in non-academic spheres - EVLM will seek to meet the mathematical needs of those who are not themselves mathematicians but need to use advanced mathematics in order to undertake their work in their own discipline.
EVLM and each National Portal will be freely accessible on the internet. Communication between the project team will ensure that any request for assistance and consultancy will be responded to the partner with the most relevant expertise.