1. Communication portal of European Virtual Laboratory of Mathematics and project homepage in English language designed and installed on the web within the first 6 months of the project work.

  2. National Portals of National Centres of Mathematics designed in national languages and installed on the web within the first 9 months of the project. They will provide links to the EVLM Central Portal.

  3. A virtual database of educational materials on mathematics available at the partner institutions or materials available free on the Word Wide Web developed and available within the first year of the project. It will be accessible form the EVLM Portal and frequently updated. Current languages of the source materials will be used.

  4. Extensive expert consultancy carried on in the National Centres of Mathematics and on the transnational level through the EVLM portal within the first year. All requested materials will be prepared in electronic form as xml documents, and they will be stored in the virtual database in a separate folder as consultancy items. They will be available free on the Internet from the EVLM portal.

  5. National Centres of Mathematics providing consultations at the partner institutions at the beginning of the second year of the project. They will support interested parties on an individual level, providing access to available study materials. Tutorials for students and for teachers on how to use available resources or how to prepare own electronic learning and teaching materials organised within the second year of the project.

  6. Translations of the course modules to national languages, or translation of other relevant requested electronic learning materials to / from English available on the National Portals.